Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Winter is making its way to Sydney

I think I feel like most people in Sydney at the moment - slightly flat, a little bit sad that summer and beach weather has finally gone for a couple of months and just a bit blah. Everyone seems grumpy. Suddenly Winter has hit us. Yesterday it was wet, wild and dark - really, a typical London day for most of the year. But such a shock to the system here - we have had the most amazing Autumn, and a sudden cold wet day was a bit yucky. All I wanted was a bath! And although I have a beautiful flat, I don't have a bath. Luckily the sun shone today so it wasn't so bad. It really made me wonder how I ever lived for so long in a country with such depressing weather.

So I've pulled out my winter stockings ready to face the next few months of moderately-cold weather. I don't think I'll ever feel cold through my bones here in Sydney like I did in Europe. One thing I have noticed is that not so many people wear black here in Sydney. My whole wardrobe is basically black (even though I have recently done a colour course on what colours are best for me to wear - Keeping Up Appearances, Alison is great, I really recommend the course). In London I never really noticed that I was always in black, but here it's different. Sydney women dress using more colour and more unusual patterns. They don't rely on black as their whole colour scheme. Same goes for the men.

One thing to cheer me up, I'm off to a ball on Friday night! An Air Force Officer's Ball, no less. And can't wait! I'm wearing the beautiful black (yes, black) dress I wore to do my 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' dance. Also off to see my long-term mega crush Tim Freedman from The Whitlams in Newtown on Saturday night. All exciting stuff, and all worthy of a new hair do.

Keep warm and positive Sydney, xxx

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