Sunday, May 2, 2010

One month until Winter

Only one month until Winter starts and Sydney's weather is still impressive. Today was a beautiful 26 degrees and, after a foggy early start, the sun shone! So what did I discover in Sydney this weekend?

1. Chinatown with my Great-Aunt and Great-Uncle - like a mini Asia, and just next to Paddy's Market. I didn't realise it existed as a strip of Chinese restaurants before last night. Travelled by ferry which was great as usual. Definitely the best way to get around Sydney if you can.

2. Blackwattle Bay and the doggy park during a lovely walk with S&C from Glebe to Balmain by the bay and back again over the ANZAC Bridge. Great walk - thanks guys.

3. Zumbo's cafe and his bakery in Balmain - divine cakes, chocolates and macaroons. Yum! Not so sure about the breakfast, but all the rest is so impressive. Artwork and delicious too.

4. Victoire bakery in Balmain - didn't buy anything, but it all looked delicious. Next time...

5. Sydney Fish Markets - one of my favourite places in Sydney. I had the best sushi ever here today. Fresh and vibrant and a great place to have lunch in the sun with the seagulls. Don't drive - parking is a nightmare. I'm doing a cooking lesson there in June which I am sure I'll blog about. I also bought some of the yogurt and fruit salad to try tomorrow - looks yummy and reasonably priced, and comes highly recommended by S.

6. Castle Towers shopping centre - possibly the biggest shopping centre I've ever visited, thank god I was warned about the car park. Saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and wasn't as shocked as I thought I would be.

7. Special mention - I met brand new baby Jack. It is so special to meet a brand new person for the first time. He is just so beautiful and I was lucky enough to have a cuddle. Ahhh.

Best discovery - the suburb of Balmain. I absolutely love Balmain. I would live there, but I hear that traffic and transport are a problem. Shops are just great (quirky, yet sell things you want to actually buy), cafes are fabulous and not too posh, you can catch the ferry directly from Lavender Bay, houses are traditionally Australian cottages and just gorgeous, on the harbour, lots of authentic gumtrees and tin roofs. Once I took my Mum to a great natural beauty salon called Natures Energy in Balmain - highly recommended, completely relaxing. We even spent last NYE in Mort Bay Park in Balmain which had a surprisingly great view of the fireworks over the bridge and a really chilled relaxed family atmosphere (recommend it for next year - thanks Dave).

Cooking wise, this weekend I made eggs for the first time! I've always thought I hated eggs - but I actually love them! I also made some Hummingbird Bakery Vanilla Cupcakes which my work colleagues will enjoy tomorrow for another blogs theme month (Red Ted Art - one of my followers, check it out). I've given up on the ANZAC biscuits. I think the moment has passed. Might try flapjacks instead - I wonder if any of my colleagues have ever had flapjacks (I'd never had them before I moved to the UK).

I'll post some pics soon.

Tania xxx

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