Monday, May 17, 2010

Stephanie's Hazelnut Meringue Layer Cake with Hazelnut Chocolate Cream

Today has been a great day! Last night I made a fabulous cake - best cake ever in fact. I made meringues for the first time and made Stephanie Alexander's Hazelnut Meringue Layer Cake and put her Hazelnut Chocolate Cream through the middle layers and on the top. My friend at work told me it was her fav. cake, so I hunted it down and made it! Not as hard as it looks, and my hands lovingly peeled the skin off the hazelnuts I roasted myself, and lovingly crushed them. Absolutely my favourite cake yet - and looks so impressive (the photo didn't turn out wonderfully, but I might try to put it up anyway - thank you to Percy for taking the pic for me, it was the cake and my inelegant Tupperware box that made it look messy, not your photography skills).

I also heard some more special news today from a friend of mine - so many babies are due this year (as per the last few years), and I absolutely love the idea of new life and new babies for Aunty Tania to cuddle and watch grown and buy lots of lovely books and toys for. So I headed down to Dymocks in the city to buy her a little book - one of my favs - Dear Zoo.

Dymocks on George St has the best children's book section I have ever known - and today a very helpful young man helped me go through a big box of toys looking for Upsy Daisy (one of my latest obsessions - In The Night Garden - mesmerising, I love it, and I absolutely adore Upsy Daisy). Sadly she was all sold out, but I picked up some very cute Ninky Nonks. The Ninky Nonk is a funny kind of train, made up of a number of differently sized and shaped carriages. The Tombliboos, the Pontipines, Upsy Daisy and Igglepiggle all have their own carriages, although they often travel in each other's.

And I gave up my beloved The Mentalist and Patrick Jane for a lovely evening of coffee/hot chocolate......

I think my absolutely wonderful mood has something to do with Kylie and her catchy, positive, romantic new song which has been in my head all day. To Robin, I'm looking forward to seeing the routine you create for it!!! Can't wait to see it - get dancing and post the video!!

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  1. Yum! That cake looks wonderful, Tania. I watched The Mentalist for you...