Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weekend is almost here

Mmm, suddenly I've gone from a busy weekend with two overnight visitors to a quiet one with only one visitor and need to fill the gaps. I was only telling my friend JD today that I often almost panic on a Tuesday if I don't have weekend plans, but then they always fill up by Friday. So what will I do? It is almost Friday and I need to plan or else panic will set in!

My Mum is visiting on Friday night on her way to Mexico (so envious), so I'm taking her to Mother's Day dinner at Ripples Milsons Point (yes, I booked months ago), and drinks on my beautiful balcony.

I'm doing a fun run (or rather a fun walk because my right ankle ligaments are all stretched) around the Domain on Sunday morning raising funds and awareness about cancer. The friend who I was doing it with is unwell and can't travel to Sydney anymore, so I'm looking for company - please either contact me or make a comment if you'd like to join me on Sunday morning at the Domain.

And I plan to explore Summer Hill in the Inner West for a coffee on Saturday morning - I've heard some great things about its village atmosphere. I'll let you know what I think. Socially some nice things planned too - one of my friends is making the cheesecake that was on the front of last month's Delicious Magazine for lunch on Saturday - it looks divine (that caramel coloured cover with the baked caramel cheesecake with toffee chards). And I think I'll check out a new restaurant with M on Saturday (stay tuned for my review).

Funnily as I write this my weekend is filling up. The panic in my tummy can settle....

I do have some top tips for the week already:

1. Emma's on Liberty (Enmore) - reviews for this place were fabulous, and the food lived up to my expectations. Middle Eastern food, some say the best in Sydney - I thought it was really delicious, taste of those tasty lady fingers stayed in my mouth all night. Better value than I was expecting.

2. The Enmore Theatre (Enmore) - I saw Ross Noble during the Sydney Comedy Festival. The venue was a beautiful art deco building.

3. Mildren Prestige Motors (Artarmon) - my mechanic, and I really like these guys. They drop me at the station, pick me up, send me sms to remind me to drop it off and then pick it up, charge me less than the quote and wash my car. I'm about to spend a lot more money there on a new clutch......

4. SpecSavers (City) - this is an older experience, but I will mention it now. These guys got my contact lens script from the UK and filled it here, and somehow managed to charge me hundreds of dollars less than their original price for my contact lenses. Friendly, helpful and got the job done - all over the phone with ease. I'm yet to try them for glasses or a consultation though.

5. Victoria's Basement (QVB) - similar to Peter's of Kensington, but slightly different things. Cooking/homewares type shop, lots of things discounted.

Okay, I'm off to bed.

PS - Last week I read that eating eggs makes your hair grow faster, so that's why I decided to start eating eggs. And this week my hair has grown so much! I think it works. Eggs for long hair is my tip.

PPS - I'm trying to buy two new things for the kitchen: (a) a food processor and (b) a new icing piping bag (Fee, I wish I'd bought the one you suggested at Peter's - I put my finger through the bag of the $3 Woolies special the first time I used it). Icing cupcakes with a piping bag was so much simpler and looked so much better than my usual way of plonking icing onto the cupcakes with a spatula.

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