Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recovering rather than discovering....

This weekend I've taken some time out from discovering Sydney to recover from a big Friday night and to take some time to reflect. As much as I have enjoyed manically planning my time over the last 4 months, this week I realised that I have hit a spot of complete contentment and I don't necessarily need to find every cool little spot in Sydney by the end of the year. The tricky stage of my life has finally now passed, and I lived through it and have come out the other side a far more balanced person, but still I think I'm the same girl. At one point I was worried that it had changed me, that I'd lost all my hope and innocence, but no - I'm still as hopeful and optimistic as I ever was, and absolutely still a believer in true love and romance. Life feels good! I also have a lot of people to thank for getting me here - and you all know who you are. Thank you. I'm a lucky girl. xxx

I've just picked up three new biscuit trays! After watching Nigella last night, I'm inspired to try macaroons sometime soon. But in the meantime I aim to cook a very special and challenging layer cake for a colleague of mine who is moving to a new team. I'll post some pics of course.

Enjoy the last hours of the weekend,
Tania xxx

PS - after 12 hours of Kylie's new single, I think it has beaten 3 Words for now.


  1. Cool - sounds like a good journey and a good place you have come to! Congratulations and Enjoy! Peace! Robin :) xxx

  2. Hey

    You are the most positive and optimistic person I've had the great pleasure of meeting.

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend