Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Red Ted Art entry - a pink butterfly cake!

This month's Red Ted Art theme is Nature. So I have created this beautiful pink butterfly cake to take part in Nature month. This also reflects the butterflies that have been in my tummy for a week or so now.
I'm pretty proud of this! Isn't she pretty! Hope everyone at work enjoys all the sugar and food colouring tomorrow at work.
Tania xxx
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  1. Awesome cake, Tania! Looks fabulous! I think you may have texted me a pic too, but my phone is having issues with it, for some reason..

    Hope your colleagues appreciate your butterfly, and it's a great success!

  2. I love it love it! And LOVE the fact it ties back to butterfliwes in tummy (was there a date?????) and that your colleagues at work will get to enjoy it! Lucky them!!!!!! x

  3. You should work here with me, there is never any cakes here. Sometimes pizza when someone has a B'day.

    What you doing for the weekend. I wish I could make the book event tonite...I really need to do something fun and cheerfull