Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unexpected discoveries & Kylie!

I'm blogging and I'm home late. Good intentions again to make those damned ANZAC biscuits, but sadly white wine got in the way. This weekend, this weekend....
Tonight I've gone beyond thinking about my four walls - to something more every day, although really, my walls are pretty every day to me. Milk - who do I share my milk in the fridge at work with. In some ways being an Australian in London was easier than being here. I share my milk with literally a hundred people - and I know about 3 of them. Would I dare say hello to them as I pass the bottle of milk in the morning - no, probably not. Because I'm no longer the Australian in London - I'm here at home, just like everyone else. No eye contact, just every day type normal stuff now.
And on my way home I saw a sign that really found its home with me - unexpected discoveries. It was a billboard about Korean food, but yes, unexpected discoveries. Life is funny, isn't it. And then I walked past MacDonalds at the station playing Kylie - if I had to do it all again, I wouldn't change a single thing. I'm beginning to feel like Carrie Bradshaw - what does it all mean!?
All I can say is METOO - and those in the know, know! Night for now - xxx

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