Saturday, April 24, 2010

Long weekend in Australia - ANZAC Day

This weekend we remember those who have given their lives to our country - ANZAC Day. I have always thought ANZAC Day, along with Remembrance Day, is one of the key dates of remembrance in the annual Australian diary. And I always feel quite emotional about ANZAC Day - I think it has far more relevance as an 'Australia' public holiday than Australia Day. I visited ANZAC Cove in Turkey last year which moved me tremendously. For more information on ANZAC Day, visit this website. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

So, I'm off to Canberra this weekend to attend Dawn Service at the War Memorial with my Mum and Fee at 5.30am on Sunday. It's a bit funny - although Canberra is my home town, in the 5 years since I've left I have forgotten so many things and Canberra has changed a fair bit, so visiting Canberra is often a bit of a discovery tour in itself. For those who don't know Canberra - it is the Capital of Australia and is an easy 3 hours drive south-west from Sydney. There are lots of things to do and see all year around, and life is pretty easy. More info on Canberra can be found on this website. If you haven't been - do visit, but plan your trip so you do get the best out of the Capital City!

This week's Sydney Tips:
1. The Zeta Bar at the Hilton Hotel Sydney - website - best cocktails I've even seen in my life, best glam bar I've seen in Sydney yet, and all so close to my new work place! Although it is on the $$$ side, it is worth it. Recommend the Raspberry Mule, simply for the presentation!

2. Fabulous hairdresser - Rohan Strachan (phone 0415 311 556 for an appointment) - based centrally in Surrey Hills, great touch and sense of style, listens to his customers, very fair prices, makes me feel glamorous.

3. The Apple Shop, George St - lots of fun just to play, personal shopping appointments with cute young men, and I only just realised, a great free place to check your emails in the City.

Cooking wise - I haven't made anything worth writing about this week (still need to make those ANZAC Biscuits, life got in the way of cooking this week unfortunately, but I'll make them on Monday). I did make mashed potatoes for the first time ever - and it was pretty good for a first attempt (I've only begun to like mashed potatoes in the last 5 years). Next week I aim to make something nice and savoury for reading group - need to give it a bit of thought.

Okay, I'm off to Canberra (shame, I hear it is raining there while the weather looks okay here). To those in Australia, have a nice long weekend, and remember to say a little internal thank you to all those who gave up their lives so that we can have the life we have now. See you Monday Sydney! xxx

PS - this weekend also marks my first wedding anniversary and I honestly think my heart might now resemble a big block of cold, hard, black ice. Celebration holiday to Port Douglas was finally cancelled last week (and no, Virgin Blue Holidays will not make it into my list of recommendations - I think they have even colder hearts than me!). I am sure making it through this milestone relatively sanely will be positive.

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  1. hello hello

    just checking out your blog. Love the photos very lowely.

    I hope you had a nice anzac weekend, this was my first one so I celebrated in style by eating a 24 pack of anzac bisquits on my own.
    Love M