Saturday, April 17, 2010


I love cooking, as many of you know. And I'm a pretty good amateur chef, even if I do say so myself. But I realised today that I've never really roasted meat, never ever made mashed potato, and didn't have a clue how to blanch vegetables. Today I attended a cooking class in Surrey Hills - and learnt so much. Who knew I could dice onions so professionally with so much ease! Such simple tips have given me lots of inspiration. Cooking may be a feature of this blog (even though its real purpose is to showcase Sydney).

My most thoughtful friend Fee gave me the cookbook 500 Cupcakes last weekend (she came to visit and together we discovered the shopping heaven that is Peters of Kensington). She suggested I work my way through the book. That is a lot of cupcakes to force feed my colleagues - but I'll give it a go. This weekend I intend to make mini baked cheesecakes (not quite cupcakes, but same type of idea) as a farewell for R.

Top Tips in Sydney:

* Peters of Kensington - fab shop, all the best brands including all my fav European cooking brands, discounted prices, free gift wrapping (gold/silver/pink - and choice of ribbon!) and you get a gorgeous re-usable pink bag.

* Cheeky Food Group - great cooking classes (I did Easy Entertaining with Style).


  1. So glad you went to a cooking class. Just checked out their website and it looks like fun. Would you go again? And would you recommend the class you went to. I think the healthy, easy and delicious looks good.

  2. I recommend it! I would go again, but I know that they don't change the menu for each class which is a bit silly, because I would definitely do Easy Entertaining with Style again with new dishes. I'm also interested in healthy, easy and delicious - but that one is on the day we are having tea with KK. Should we look into it when the next timetable gets put up? I'm still keen on Italian Long Lunch at Cuncina Italiana in Annandale one Saturday.