Sunday, April 18, 2010

Up Early on Sunday!

Sunday morning, 6.30am - I've been up for a while, a very disrupted sleep again, maybe three hours of sleep... but I'm used to it now. One of the ways my body has reacted to shock is to turn off my ability to sleep. This is the first time in my entire life that I have had trouble sleeping, and I'm almost hitting the three months of sleepless nights mark (apart from nights when my friends/mum stays here, or I visit their places). And now, I'm sorry to all you new Mums out there, while I have complete empathy for your sleepless nights - it is no longer an excuse! And yes, I know sleeping tablets will help me - but I want my body to fix itself. It knows how to sleep, damn it.

So, what should I do today? It is a already a stunning day in Sydney! Sun is out, birds are chirping. I'm listening to 2DayFM (Sophie Monk is on - remember her from Bardot). Actually here is one passion of mine - Hamish and Andy on the radio (so, so funny and so many ideas that make me think 'who thinks of that!?!' and so, so, so good-looking). I love Saturday morning radio with Hamish and Andy.

Anyway, back to Sunday in Sydney. Each weekend I think it may be the last sunny weekend before Winter kicks in. I've been conditioned from 4 years in Europe where a sunny day is never, ever to be taken for granted. But, what you must remember is that I work full-time so I can't be a full-time tourist all weekend - I need to do all the 'admin' of my life - surely that can help me discover Sydney too?

Today I intend to find a new supermarket to use. My current supermarket is Neutral Bay Woolies (the nice one on the same side of the road as The Oaks pub). Neutral Bay Woolies is in fact special - it has 'singles nights' during the week where people go to the supermarket and show other shoppers what they are interested in by putting bananas in their trolleys. Now, I heard about this from a friend a few weeks ago, so on a spare Monday night took it upon myself to see if it was true (after googling to find out all the rules - yes, it has been going on for years). And it is true - on a Monday night in Neutral Bay Woolies you can cut the tension with a knife. Barely anyone was actually shopping. The night I went was the night I was preparing for a group of young women to visit my place for reading group - as such, my trolley was full of cheese, cheese and more cheese, dips, chocolate, twisties and mini-quiches, a 24 pack of toilet paper and about 20 bottles of sparkling water (another obsession: sparkling water, I prefer Coles Sparkling Water though and sometimes visit a Coles just for its water). I can only imagine what people were reading into my trolley. And no, I didn't even pick up a bunch of bananas - I'm way too shy for that!

So where do you shop?

I'm also off to the movies tonight with my favourite Romance Writer and LC, hopefully to my favourite cinema in Cremorne (Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace Cremorne). Not sure what we will see.

But between grocery shopping, reading the Sunday papers (love Sunday papers), making mini-cheesecakes, reading The Girl with Dragon Tattoo and going to the movies, I might head out on a ferry for a little ride. Ferries are one of the best things about Sydney. Last night I caught the ferry home from Paddy's Markets (Darling Harbour) - Sydney really is best when seen from the harbour (and it is so lovely to see all the tourists and how excited they get by the bridge etc). I am very fortunate that I live near a ferry stop (Luna Park), now I need to explore Sydney by ferry.

So have a good day everyone! I'll let you know what I actually do today - good intentions are often only ever that.

Top Tips in Sydney:

Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace Cremorne -

2DayFM (Hamish and Andy) -

Travel by Ferry -

(ps - can someone teach me to 'link' to websites please).


  1. Re the sleeping - guess you're been inundated with suggestions? I use to have trouble getting back to sleep after getting up to feed my bundle of joy. I out lavender on my pillow and it did help me relax. I also find exercise helps for sleep and other stuff. It's a great pick me up. When I'm full of negativity I find some huffy puffy exercise helps gets rid of it and I'm much more positive afterwards.

  2. Are you enjoying the book? I thought all 3 were great. And the movie's not bad either.