Sunday, April 18, 2010

A beautiful Autumn Sunday

This weekend I decided to make an effort - I haven't done as much as I wanted to, but I think I've discovered just a little bit more of Sydney. As highlights, my Sydney weekend has included:

1. Friday night at the Penhurst RSL watching FranzList play after a traditional RSL Chinese dinner with my boss, his family and two gorgeous colleagues. FranzList are a group of twenty-somethings, and were fantastic! Impressive. I'll try to find a link and post it up here.

2. Cooking School on Saturday. Learnt loads and walked away feeling very inspired.

3. Shopping at Paddy's Market Chinatown with my Fabulous Hairdresser (and wonderful friend) - new lipsticks and eye make-up thanks to his good eye and professional recommendations for colours.

4. Ferry trip over the harbour home - stunning evening sunset, just divine.

5. Discovery of a new grocery shopping venue for me! Cole Big Ben Neutral Bay. Just perfect - although I crashed the car on the way out of the car park along a pole going up the one-way road steep blind spot entrance the wrong way (highly dangerous and mortifying situation, but after a few tears I'm okay and the car has also survived - I did think for a minute that maybe it was fate and I should go back to my good old Woolies....).

6. Prawns on the balcony in the sun (still wearing shorts and singlet top, in Autumn) - bliss.

7. Out of the blue showing my new friend the Swedish Jewellery Designer around my favourite places in Kirribilli (some pics below), including my favourite shop in Sydney so far, Wild Lotus (I'll try to find a link, but it is so boutiquey it may not have one (thanks for the initial tip LC). Maybe in a later blog I'll tell you a bit about these new people I'm meeting - I honestly think that some people you meet in the strangest ways, but that those ways don't seem strange at the time, and it all just feels quite normal and natural. Female relationships when you are 30 are quite different to those you form when you are 22. This new friend of mine has a blog that says 'a million tiny sparkling choices' - I think there is a lot to be said for all the little choices you make in your life which seem inconsequential at the time, but really are choices you make that make your future!

8. Another viewing of Julie and Julia with the Romance Writer and LC. More inspiration - I want to eat Artichokes in that wonderful buttery sauce. I just smell melting butter every time I watch that movie.

9. And cupcake making - this time low fat ricotta and walnut mini cheesecakes. My colleagues have a lot of them to eat tomorrow - I double the recipe so was playing with almost 2kg of low fat ricotta cheese (quite possibly my new fav food to cook with - if you have suggestions for ricotta recipes, let me know). Must say though - these cupcakes do taste low fat... Fee, see pg 293 of the book. Next time I'll try full fat.


  1. Did you know I used to live just up the road from you, in Waverton? You should walk down the road to Balls Head Reserve - it's lovely.

  2. I've been to Balls Head Reserve with you! It is lovely - but I find it a bit scary on my own.