Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blogging - the real reason

The last three months have been the some of the most challenging months of my life - consequently, I now feel incredibly numb, tired and alone. I've read that writing often helps people cope with challenges they are facing. And I'm hoping writing a blog will help me move past this tricky period. I know my life is fantastic - and writing about it will help me concretely focus on moving forward, appreciate everything I've got access to (which is so much - I am so lucky!) and share with other people. I also hope it brings back some of my passion for all the things I love (but I'm sure 'un-numbing' myself will hurt).
Now, I'm going to stop blogging (it is addictive already). Damned school holidays - Luna Park is open late tonight - but I'm going to plonk myself on the balcony, enjoy this autumn evening and get cracking with the latest reading group book - the girl with the dragon tattoo! good night xxx


  1. Hey Tania, I'm really enjoying your blog so far - do you think you could put up some of those wonderful pics from your balcony?

  2. Thanks Ruth! I loved your Swedish blog, and would love to see one on your time in Burma.
    Will try to upload pics - I'm pretty untechy, but I'll give it a go now.