Saturday, April 17, 2010

Starting a blog...

Hello! My first post on a proper blog of my own.

For a number of reasons I've decided to start blogging my life in Sydney. Having decided that it's time that I start to settle and ground myself in my new city of residence and start to think of it as my new home, I thought that making a little record of all the new things I'm discovering and how I'm spending time will encourage me to actually get out and about and explore this beautiful city (rather than chose the easy option each weekend and get on the Hume Highway back to Canberra where everything is all so familiar and easy).

So a bit about me - I'm Tania: a 30 year old professional woman. I'd like to think I could still be described as a girl - but I'm probably more a young woman or lady now. My home town is Canberra where I was born and lived for 25 happy years. I left Canberra in 2005 to travel the world - after almost 6 months in Asia, I ended up in London and lived there for 3.5 years (after a 6 month stint in Edinburgh). I had a great time living in London, travelling Europe and having a really fun time - lots of shopping and enjoying life (read - eating and drinking too much). I met my husband in London and after a whirlwind courtship we married in April 2009. We moved back to Australia in October 2009, but sadly our marriage wasn't to be. So now here I am, ready to start a new life on my own in this beautiful city which I already love so much.

For those of you who know me - this will give you a chance to see what I get up to, and for you to suggest things I should do (many of you know Sydney much better than me).

For those who don't know me - I hope my posts give you some good ideas of things to see and do in Sydney!


  1. ooooohhh! So, did Julie inspire you to start a blog?? I'll look forward to rading it!

    And I'm your first follower!! woo hoo!!

  2. You actually inspired me last weekend Fee! The combination of our little tour of Sydney and the cookbook made me think actually writing about it all might inspire me to actually do things!
    And how funny that you are the first follower - because you are the first named person! xxx